Harley Davidson X350 – Price, Specifications & Release Date

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Harley Davidson, one of the most iconic names for motorcycles, has released the new X350 to its lineup. This exciting addition to Harley’s range of motorcycles comes with more power, new features, and an attractive design.

We will be taking a look at the Harley Davidson X350’s price, specifications, and release date.

Harley Davidson X350 Photos

The Harley Davidson X350 is both elegant and powerful. It has a polished metallic finish with the signature Harley Davidson orange paint job. The seat and handlebars have a comfortable ergonomic design that provides both a pleasing look and a pleasant experience while riding. The motorcycle is set to become an eye-catching feature on the streets.

Harley Davidson X350 Specifications

The X350 offers a 3.5-liter V8 engine that allows for quick acceleration with a top speed of 130 mph. It has a six-speed transmission and liquid cooling system that helps keep the engine at optimum temperatures. The bike includes an upgraded braking system and adjustable suspension for varying road conditions.

Harley Davidson X350 Price

The Harley Davidson X350 has an estimated retail price of $25,000. However, the price may very depending on the market and vendor.

Release Date

The anticipated release date for the Harley Davidson X350 is In November 2023.

The Harley Davidson X350 is an exciting addition to the lineup. Its impressive power, modern design, and appealing price point make it an ideal choice for motorcycle aficionados. It is expected to be available worldwide in Fall 2023.


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