January 21, 2021

2021 Chevrolet Tahoe: 5.3-Liter Turbo V8, 335 HP

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The latest Chevrolet Tahoe is the most improved and versatile four-wheel drive in the department. It is huge in size as it has seven seats, which are good for a big family. Besides having 7 seats, it has good luggage space too. To pull this, the Tahoe has a V8 engine that will have no issue with it. It offers full luxury and every possible option to make you feel special. The Interior and exterior of this car are amazing and very practical to make it day to day drive with advantageous drives as well. It gives comfort, style, and makes every traveling venture exciting.

The starting price for this beast starts from $49000, and it goes up to $70,000, which depends on the features you select. The engine is V8, and the 5.3-liter version can produce up to 335 hp and 383 lb. ft. of torque. Dynamic fuel management technology is being used with 10-speed automatic transmission. It can go 0-60 in about 7.5 secs. These features vary in every version of the engine that you select. The estimated fuel average of a 5.3L engine is around 20mpg on the highway. There is a diesel model that gives the best performance results. Additionally, you can customize the car as per your liking and habits.

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The first look at the exterior gives a thrilling feel. It has a huge grill at the front with a unique style of headlamps. C shape lights add up to the design. The logo of Chevrolet is preset in the middle of the grill. The backside is simple, with tail lights and a little bumper design. However, it has a long body that targets a special type of people as not everyone can like this type of vehicle. Overall the body is robust with good quality, makes it long-lasting and worth buying.

The interior of this car is full of tech and has all the possible comfort options. The seats are of high quality, which assured comfort for long journeys. There are two displays; the first one is the infotainment screen, which has all the media control and climate control. It’s a 9-inch touch screen which lets you control everything by your own preference. Parking sceners and cameras are given as it has blind spots that are covered by using the camera feature. For the driver, some useful information is projected on the windscreen like navigation and map, making it easy to get the necessary figures while driving. A media screen for rear seats is also present, which can be customized by parents if kids are using it.

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For safety, it has driver assistance technology, which applies brake automatically when it detects any possible danger. Airbags are also given to assure the safety of passengers and the driver. Seven passengers can travel at once in it with comfort. The headroom and legroom for all the seats are enough for a person of any body type. Last seats can be folded if you have to carry more luggage with you on a long drive. There is no limitation to this car. It can do well in every aspect. This versatile car can be heavy on the budget, but if you can buy it, there will be no problem with traveling for you. It can handle every road with ease.

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