January 23, 2021

Lotus Evija EV: 2000 HP, Brand New Electric Supercar

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Lotus Evija EV is a super special car that is one of its kind. This car has an existing profile to showcase. The figures and features are classy, which reflects the true sports car experience. It has the power, luxury, and style in one package. There will be only 130 Lotus Evija EVs making it an expensive choice. Because of that, it has mind-blowing features and gives a world-class performance. It’s not the vehicle you see every day. The Evija has earned its own special place with its exhaustive design and staggering numbers.

Let’s dive into the specs of this vehicle that might make you astonished. The engine it has can produce a horsepower of 1,973 hp / 1,471 kW, and that gives a range of 250 miles. The time to charge the batteries via w/ 900kW charger takes 9 minutes. This pure four-wheel-drive sportscar casts up to $2.1 million. The weight of Lotus Evija EV is around 1,680 kg. It has a top speed of 320 km/h, and 0 to 60 takes less than 3 seconds. These numbers justify the price and claim that it is not for everyone, both price, and specs-wise. The hypercar enthusiasts will love this one as it is not a usual car that can be seen every day.

The exterior of this car is nothing like the others. It is focused on style and max aerodynamics. Various curves and bumps are present on the body to keep the air flowing around the whole body. The special attraction of this car-s exterior is the taillights, which are big glowing neon LEDs also acting as a vent. Lotus logo is present in between these two lights. The T letter acts as an indicator, and under that, there is a light for brakes. Butterfly doors are a specialty that also supports an aerodynamic look. The front has an aggressive look to it that is ready to fly through the air as the framework is done very well, air flows smoothly around the car.

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To keep the consistency in the department of performance, the interior is kept minimalistic and lightweight so that there is no energy lost in carrying all the luxury stuff. However, it is still full of tech and the latest equipment. Comfortable, sporty seats are included, which holds the driver well. Jet like steering wheels increases the stylish aesthetics of the vehicle. Numerous controls are given on the center dash, and the infotainment screen can be accessed through it. Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are supported, which makes connectivity easier. Everything inside the cabin is a premium quality, and nothing feels, or even sounds cheap.

There are various driving modes that can be selected through the steering wheel. Range, City, Tour, Sport, and Track modes change the cars setting to make it adaptive to the current road environment. Engine and suspensions are adjusted to make it easy to drive in any situation. The Evija is fully customizable, and the customer can choose options and features as per liking. This car is full of performance along with its exclusive design.

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