December 3, 2020

2021 Honda CRV Release Date: 1.5L Engines, 7 Inch Infotainment System

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2021 Honda CRV Specification and Features

2021 Honda CRV Image

If you’re looking for a compact model SUV that looks more comfortable at the same time it also provides a sporty look, the 2021 Honda CRV might try satisfying your expectation.   Honda has been in the automobile manufacturing business for a long long time which also has a decent understanding of the road conditions. Japanese automobile manufacturing company has been working on new model vehicles adaptable for both off-road and on-road purposes. Their model cars are found in almost every country of the world through their strong distribution network. It looks like the company has used its thirty years of automobile manufacturing experience in developing the companies most successive model Honda CRV. Prior to this, Honda has launched the first version of CRV which received positive reviews from the South Asian automobile enthusiast. Two-row Honda provides maximum space which ensures more comfort for the passenger both in legroom and headroom. Honda has always shown an active interest in designing the spacious cabin which assures a more comfortable interior.

It looks like Honda has designed its new model automobile computable vehicle to compete with the Mazda CX-5 and Volkswagen Tiguan that are currently performing well in the global market. Even though Honda lacks a minor in terms of internal specification of the vehicle, it matches performance under certain conditions.  The myriad active-safety feature included in the automobile vehicle assures more safety to the passenger while traveling. Safety has been one of the important aspects which play an important role while deciding the vehicle. Many big companies have invested millions of dollars in ensuring the advanced safety standards in their vehicles. It looks like Honda might be coming with many other advanced features that make their new model Honda stand ahead of the competition. It appears that  Honda CR-V will be a more comfortable SUV vehicle for the Mid-level family consisting of 4-5 members.

Honda CR-V comes with some of the popular standard features that are most commonly seen in most Honda vehicles. These features include dual-zone climate control, 7.0-inch touchscreen which provides access for connection with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, These two are the interface software application which allows the external smartphone to get connected with the automobile hardware device. These two are most commonly seen in the majority of the current generation automobile vehicle which provides more space for both Andriod and phone devices for easy connection.  The power-adjustable driver’s seat included with the vehicle which allows the passenger to adjust the seat using the buttons placed near the infotainment system. Manual operations for adjusting the seats have been completely eliminated by Honda in their new model cars almost every manual operation has been replaced by the electronic buttons.

2021 Honda CRV Specification and Features
2021 Honda CRV IMage

After their several stages of testing both in the laboratory and also on the real-time roads, Honda has finally settled down in using their first turbocharged engine in CR-V 2021. This engine designed by Honda is said to come with a 1.5-liter unit capacity that can produce decent power while accelerating. Honda claims that this new model engine has the ability to produce 190 horsepower. It looks like the engine of the vehicle gets coupled with the continuously variable automatic transmissions for delivering high performance. CR-V Hybrid is another model vehicle that is expected to make its entry during the mid of next year comes with the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine which operates with two electric motors to produce 212 horsepower. It looks like this model CR-V is more powerful than the normal variant.

Honda has designed the interior to make it look stylish and spacious. Quality materials are used in furnishing the interior of the vehicle which makes it look more comfortable while long rides. The interior appearance of the vehcile is tastefully balanced by the color selection which gives more details in every part of the vehicle.  LX models os CR-V comes with the 5.0-inch color radio screen which is basically an infotainment system for providing information about teh overall vehicle. Other variants that are coming features the 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen.  This screen provided with the vehicle comes with multiple connectivity options for connecting with the smartphone phone and other external electronic devices.

The car would be released sometime in the first quarter of 2021.

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