December 3, 2020

DTM 2021: New Details Revealed

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DTM series has been facing many threats from the leading automobile manufacturing company in recent times. It looks like the phase of the series might change to sustain major competitions in the market towards their series. Earlier this year, Audi made a bold statement on their departure from the DTM series. This made BMW the only automobile manufacturing company to stay in the German car series. Prior to the Audi announcement, Mercedes and Aston Martin have already quitted their role in the DTM series especially due to the cost involved in manufacturing vehicles to meet the standards of the German series. To maintain their quality and standards, the organizers of the DTM series have opted to use different model cars by the switch to GT cars. Even though the announcement is not been officially confirmed by the crew members, leaks suggest that they might adapt to the GT version of cars for maintaining their equilibrium.

This strategic move by the management might favor both  Audi and BMW to return their stand in the series. Even though both these companies haven’t announced their stand, it’s expected that they might compete in next year’s competition. It looks like DTM management is in direct talks with Audi and BMW for remaining an active participant in the DTM series. ITR chairman Gerhard Berger have recently addressed the media stated that “During the past months, we have been discussing various strategic options for the future of the DTM in complex negotiations,” . To continue race series by including leading players in the industry will increase the revenue and there by increasing the brand value. To reconsider the future of a race series, the management has regulated some of the restriction by allowing GT cars in their tracks and certain protols to maintain the quality.

Along with the two companies which have shown active interest in the previous year, many other local automobile team players have included professional players to encourage the racing series. It looks like Audi and BMW will be making its return to the race series and redesign their powerdull engines to support GT version cars. Many countries around the world have spent over millions of dollars in developing race tracks for international automobile race events. Race series requires huge number of men and material for developing the track with desired quality to get attention from the worldwide automoible manufacturing companies. During the race series events many engineering process will be carried out in determining the safety o fthe vehicle using Advanced equipemtns. Its responsibility for companies like Audi to participate race series proving their potential by designing the engines to meet the modern day standards.

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The vehicles used in GT series are designed by the team of experts which undergo serious research and development in developing the aerodynamc of the vehicle. It looks like Audi professional drivers Abt, Phoenix and Rosberg have shown initial stages of interest in participating  in a GT3-based DTM. They have just shown their primary interest, we need to wait for come time to make their announcement official.

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