December 3, 2020

2021 Hyundai Sonata N Line Release Date: 2.5-liter turbocharged Engine, Dual Exhaust

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Sonata N Line Specification

Sonata N Line Stll

Hyundai has announced its new model comfy sedan model vehicle. It looks like Hyundai has developed the 2021 Sonata N Line as a performance-oriented commercial vehicle. The 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine is fitted with the new model Hyundai vehicle which delivers 290 horsepower and 311 ft-lb of torque. It’s clear that this new model vehicle is developed to compete with the similar model luxurious sedan model vehicles that are currently available in the market. The automobile industry has been upgrading to provide a modern-day experience for its hardcore customers than proving the usual stone age user experience. Eight-speed dual-clutch transmission operated with the high power engine delivers decent performance to make the vehicle to reach new boundaries when compared with the previous model vehicles. The multiple transmission provides control over the vehicle based on the road condition.

19-inch wheels come with the vehicle which looks pretty eye-catching for a sedan model vehicles. These huge wheels deliver a considerable road clearance for a new model sedan. As an additional choice, it also comes with the summer tires. Hyundai has launched many previous models of sedan vehicles that have performed decently in the global market. Being a successful South Korean automobile manufacturing company, it has generated many new model vehicles for basic commercial purposes. This is one such sedan model vehicle developed to entertain the taste of its customers. The rear spoiler placed above the cargo of the vehicle gives a sporty look making the vehicle more detailing than their previous model vehicles. Many sedan model vehicles don’t come with a spoiler where Hyundai has gone for a bold statement by adding that feature in their new model commercial vehicle.

Dual exhaust placed on either side of the vehicle makes it look more sporty. These features used by Hyundai has many options that make it stand ahead of the competition. A panoramic sunroof makes the vehicle looks ahead from the standard version of the vehicle that comes with minimal options. It looks like Hyundai  might add some of the important features in their custom made infotainemnt system. Many automobile manufacturing companies has spent over millions of dollars on developing digital system that could able to retrieve many useful information to the driver during journey. Hyundai  being a long runner in developing many new model automobile vehicles has adapted their unique styling pattern while designing the outer appearance of the vehicle. Hyundai   claims that their new model sedan might come with unique exhaust note. Sonata N Line is expected to reach its customers during November,2021.

Sonata N Line Release date
Sonata N Line Image

Launch control embedded with the vehicle plays an important role in deciding the varient. The interior of the vehicle is expected to come with the comfortable leather patent which assures high comfort during the long rides. Almost every portion of the vehicle is expected to get smooth wooden finish coupled with leather interior. Choosing fabric while designing the interior of the vehicle plays an important role. Even though the company haven’t made any announcement about the vehicle, it looks like it might come with multiple infotainment digital device placed over the interior of the vehicle. Many sedan model coming these days have a dedicated infotainment system placed near the driver cabin for easy navigation. Core specification details of the vehicle is not yet officially annocuend by the manufacturing company which is expected to be unveiled during the launch of the vehicle.

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