December 3, 2020

2021 Honda Pilot Release Date: V-6 Powertrain System, 8.0-inch Touchscreen

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2021 Honda Pilot

2021 Honda Pilot Elite

Honda has announced its three-row commercial vehicle which looks more like a minivan. This model vehicle from Honda looks more spacious by accommodating more number of people during the time of travel. This is not the first time Honda has developed minivan based commercial vehicle, prior to this the company has a long experience in developing commercial SUV vehicles. It looks like Honda has incorporated the all-wheel-drive system in their vehicles which makes it looks more powerful than its previous model SUV vehicles. The company has been launching many new model commercial vehicles in the global market for the last couple of months.

2021 Honda Pilot Engine Specification

Honda claims that its new model vehicle comes up with a speedy and fuel-efficient V-6 powertrain system. Fuel efficiency provided with the vehicle makes it more attractive while reaching the dealers and customers. Most of the people who prefer to purchase Honda vehicle are more concerned about fuel efficiency because Honda is known for developing vehicles which consumes much less fuel. The manufacturing company has also upgraded its interior with computational operations. Other than that the vehicles also come with ample cargo space for storing a large quantity of material. Standard driver assists which are included in the vehicles are focused to compete with the modern-day vehicles manufactured by its competent companies.

To engage more customers towards their product, the company has introduced a special edition of the commercial vehicle. In all these models Honda has preferred to use nine-speed automatic transmission as a standard option. While analyzing the sides of the vehicle., it comes with black 20-inch wheels which improve the road clearance of the vehicle to a considerable extent. Wireless charging option has been included with the vehicle which provides more space for the passenger in charging their mobile phones and other smart devices. The interior of the vehicles looks spacious and practical which can easily accommodate a medium-sized family. The In-cabin PA system provided with the vehicle comes with the vehicles help the family-friendly option.  It looks like a three-row vehicle can accommodate eight persons. Easy-to-use climate controls are provided on the dashboard of the vehicle.

2021 Honda Pilot Infotainment System

A clearly marked gauge cluster is placed in the display unit of the commercial vehicle which gives a clear image over the standard option available in the vehicle. The interior of the vehicle comes with 16 cupholders throughout the cabin providing more space for its passengers in placing their bottle and cups while enjoying their food. The high seating position provided in the vehicles is designed uniquely to provide a commanding position to the driver. Wide windows and big windshield placed in front of the vehicles give a clear outside view. The 8.0-inch touchscreen is provided with teh vehicle which comes with multiple software options like SiriusXM satellite radio and other basic connectivity features. The connectivity features include  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, these applications helps the passengers in integrating the infotainments system with their smartphones and iPhones.

2021 Honda Pilot
2021 Honda Pilot Image

It’s clear from the vehicle that the manufacturing company is interested in maintaining its minivan segment through its proper upgrades. Honda has initiated multiple research and development programs for improving its standard to meet the expectation of the current young generation. Many startups are designing innovative digital products for helping automobile companies to achieve their mission to develop new model vehicles.


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