January 28, 2021

Ferrari Roma 2021 Featuring Twin-Turbo 3.9L V-8 Engine

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Ferrari Roma Specification and Features

Ferrari Roma Image

Ferrari Roma looks stunning with its new exterior design. It’s quite clear that the Ferrari has moved to develop a next-generation sport model vehicle. The main feature which grabs the attention is that it gets an iPad-like touch-sensitive switch placed below the steering wheel. This digital feature makes it look much cooler than its previous model button switch placed near the driver’s canon of the automobile vehicle. It looks like this model from Ferrari will be the second model to get a V-8-powered front-engine. A similar model engine was previously used in the 2018 GTC4Lusso T, which received a considerable response from automobile enthusiasts mainly due to its high power.

It looks like this new model engine from the company might have undergone slight changes to make it compactable with Ferrari Roma. Its claimed that this new model gets a newly developed four fewer cylinders to improve the overall performance. This model gets an almost all-digital interface inside the vehicle, which brings the passenger the overall information about the performance of the vehicle. Ferrari Roma comes with the hardtop convertible Portofino. It looks like the engine of the vehicle is designed to provide a decent amount of horsepower when compared with this previous model vehicle. Ferrari’s twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8 is basically designed enough to provide a 612-horsepower under the hood.

Ferrari Roma Specifications

The front elevation of the vehicle gives an absolute sporty appearance by designing it like a shark’s face. The outer body of the vehicles is designed to provide a stylish appearance, which gets coupled with the multiple holes, vents, and gouges. Razor-edge taillights give glimpses of information about the authentic traditional appearance of the Ferrari. 105.1-inch wheelbase gets included in the two new model vehicles developed by Ferrari. This wheelbase of the vehicle gives glimpses of information about its trendy, sporty appearance.  The basic suspension design of the vehicle brings in great comfort during the high speed.

Ferrari Roma Still
Ferrari Roma

Ferrari Roma Engine Configuration

The engine of the vehicle plays an important role in developing the high range torque, which is built to deliver 561-lb-ft torque while pressuring the vehicle to 3000 rpm. It’s said that the torque of the vehicle remains the same up to 5750 rpm. Stability and the traction-control system has been enhanced in the vehicle through the digital control options. Manettino selector Placed in the vehicle can switch on the high-speed sporty mode where it converts the automobile vehicle mainly into its business purpose.  An eight-speed transmission system placed inside the vehicle brings in new changes and advanced control over the vehicle.

It looks like this new model vehicle has the ability to reach 0 – 60 mph in 3.1 seconds. This pick-up is achieved mainly after the launch mode gets activated. The interior of the vehicle gets a single row of passenger seats where two persons can experience a comfortable, sporty ride. Large vertical separates the passenger seat from the driver seat and also gets multiple control options placed above it this new model sports vehicle from Ferrari comes with a decent infotainment system, This digital equipment placed inside the vehicle brings in multiple information for the driver to know about the vehicle.

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