January 21, 2021

2020 Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake R-Line: 2.0L Petrol Engine, 312HP

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Starting off with the design of the Arteon shooting brake R-Line, the sidelines on the doors, sporty rare end, and unique front lighting style make it a great car design-wise. This beautiful design makes it distinctive from other cars at this price point. The starting price tag of the shooting brake is £39,055, which is justified with the features of it. The R- line is top-performing, certainly the best version of this car that you can get. This coupe is called a shooting brake because of its estate version, which is friendly for the environment and also helps to get maximum power out of the car.

It has a turbocharged engine, which is a 2.0-liter petrol version, and it has the ability to produce 312HP. In R-line, the all-wheel-drive system and DSG automatic gearbox are given as standard, and by combining the horsepower and the sporty design of this car, it can hit 0-62mph in about five seconds. The dashboard is using high tech quality components, which gives personality to the car. It is available in two colors: red and blue.

All the basic features of a good car are included, like three-zone climate control, satellite navigation, and parking sensors all around it. This particular model is an estate version, which shows that it is ready for the future. The car is very spacious, and it can easily fit a large lounge. The seats are comfortable and headroom, legroom is comfortable enough to fit person with any body type. The door opening gives enough space to enter and not hit the head on the top. Seat quality is prime as it should be at this price point.

Car is full of new tech having a big touch screen in the dashboard which is easy to use, and it has its own connectivity by sim which helps to keep updated with latest navigations from the satellite. There is a standard wheel to control the screen, and also some options can be controlled from the steering wheel. By look and touch, all the components are of premium quality. All these features make the car’s worth it, and there are several additional options that you can choose from while buying it.

Volkswagen is proud of their creature to give a car which can be a family car or used for heavy traveling. The design is very attractive minimal, and the wheels are 20 inches, which makes it ready for the future. This car is premium, and all the material, tech, and shape make it special. The arrow dynamics are well worked as no one likes drag to be created to lose the engine’s energy to push the air instead of pushing the car forward.

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It can be a good choice for people who are looking for a family car or coupe to travel and to use the car for mountain highways. The price justifies the features and the effort which the company has put into making it a good choice. It is a future-proof car the tech used is the latest. Also, it makes you feel special with materials and robust build quality.

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