January 21, 2021

Ferrari F8 Spider: Turbocharged V8 3.9-Liter Engine, 720HP

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Whenever we talk about supercars, the first name that comes to mind is Ferrari. The Brand which is known for their style and quality that anyone can expect from the cars. The imagination of a good race car comes to life in the form of a Ferrari. The new Ferrari F8 spider is a modern, elegant, and an overall brilliant car that checks almost all the boxes of being a perfect sports car.

Ferrari F8 Spider is named after its turbocharged V8 engine, which is 3.9-liter, and it can produce up to 720hp. It can go 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds. All the models of f8 come with a rear-wheel drive and a seven-speed automatic gearbox. This model of f8 comes with a price tag of £225,897. These specs speak for them, and as a sportscar it the price tag gonna be high. The aerodynamic shape makes it fly through the air and also produces enough torque to give a good grip on the door while at high speed.

This car is designed to be quick and to provide the best throttle response. When you step on the pedal, the output you get is excellent. Everything inside the car cabin is of high quality. Along with quality, it also has several built-in features. It is loaded with the latest tech, which makes you feel special. This car has won many awards by checking all the boxes of being a great car. The weight balancing is excellent, which makes its turn well and also provides a road grip. The tires are 20 inches with an alloy rim, providing extra steadiness and smoothness to the drive.

The main highlight of this car is the folding roof, which can open or close in 17 secs. This makes the car look amazing, and the open roof driving is enjoyable. The roof is one complete piece that is more relatable, which fits back into the seats. The change in the sound of the car is very significant while the roof down. The cabinet is quieter, and the driving experience completely changes. The car’s shape supports it to get the quickest speed possible without losing any energy in pushing the air. The curves and front grills let the air pass through, and that air also helps to keep the car cool.

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F8 Spider is designed very well, and there are great engineers behind this design, which let the air pass, doesn’t give many surfaces which fights back with air by losing energy produced by the engine. The car shape is supporting the V8 engine to reach the limits. The car is customizable by adding or removing components of your own desire and pocket. There are various colors, which include yellow, blue, black, and also classic red. The options inside the dashboard can be added, which are not available in the stranded version. The addition of carbon fiber to the steering wheel, doors, and under infotainment screen can be done, but every addition casts more dollars.

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