2023 Cars With the Highest Cargo Space: The Best Models to Consider

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2020 Cars With the Highest Cargo Space: The Best Models to Consider

2023 has brought new models of cars with a variety of features and cargo space. This luxury is that you can fit in a lot more stuff than your previous car. Whether you’re on a long journey, or just running errands, it is important to have the right amount of space to fit your needs. The following cars have the highest cargo space and plenty of room to help you navigate your day with ease.

The Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular minivans on the market. It offers plenty of space for passengers as well as cargo. The Odyssey’s maximum cargo capacity reaches up to 157 cubic feet, making it great for families and those who need more cargo space. The exterior styling of the Honda Odyssey enhances its interior roominess, as well as its impressive storage options.

Another 2023 car with a high cargo space is the Toyota Sienna. It is the only minivan with an all-wheel drive system and is great for families who are always on the go. The Sienna comes with up to 167 cubic feet of cargo space when its three-row setup is deployed. The second-row seats can slide and fold down, making it easy to take advantage of the immense cargo space.

The Kia Sorento is a great choice for those looking for added cargo space in a small SUV. It offers up to 73 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seats are lowered, and the second-row seat slides and reclines to offer more flexibility in this area. The Sorento provides a smooth and comfortable ride, which is perfect for long journeys with additional luggage and equipment.

The Chevrolet Tahoe has been the go-to full-size SUV for many years, and the 2023 model is no exception. With an impressive cargo capacity of up to 121 cubic feet and an interior design that can easily adapt to fit whatever you need to take with you, the Tahoe is ideal for those who need more than just a few boxes to carry around. Along with impressive features such as Heated and Ventilated seats, Automatic Emergency Braking, and the MyLink system, the Tahoe offers plenty of space to transport the most important items wherever you need to go.

The 2023 Ford Expedition is another large SUV with ample cargo space for any outing. It has a maximum cargo capacity of 104 cubic feet, providing plenty of room for 7 passengers and their luggage or anything else you may need to bring along. The Expedition has an available power-fold 3rd row of seating as well as an additional cargo area behind the third-row seating, making taking on long trips much easier.

Subaru’s 2022 Outback may be an SUV, but it’s also one of the few non-minivan vehicles that’s big enough to maximize its cargo capacity. It has 73.3 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seat is folded down, and this figure increases to up to 75.7 cubic feet when the seatbacks recline. This makes it much easier to carry cargo such as shopping bags, camping gear, coolers and more. On top of all its features, Subaru’s Outback also offers plenty of interior storage, making it ideal for storage of personal items.

The Honda Civic Hatchback is one of the more popular cars in its class, and the 2022 model offers plenty of versatility in its cargo space. With a maximum capacity of up to 25.7 cubic feet, the Civic is a great compact car for those who needs something with a bit more room to store bigger items. This capacity expands to an impressive 46.2 cubic feet when the rear seat is lowered, making it perfect for weekend getaways.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is the perfect crossover for those who need the extra cargo space without sacrificing their desire for a car’s performance. It has up to 72.3 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seat lowered, making it great for transporting furniture or other larger items. The Tiguan also combines its impressive storage room with its agile performance, making it an ideal car for any occasion.


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