2018-2019 Mercedes Benz X-Class recalled in Australia

The 2018-2019 X-Class crossover has been withdrawn by Mercedes-Benz Australia in 5889 units.

The manufacturer has identified a possible issue with the seal surrounding the back window.

The company has stated that if the seal breaks then there is a possibility of window breakage.

This can cause the small pieces of glass getting scattered, increasing the accident risk.

In Australia, nearly each type that was delivered during its approximately two-year existence has been withdrawn.

The complaint filed with the DOI stated the following...


"Due to a manufacturing defect, the rear window may have pressure on it as a seal has shrunk causing the window to shatter"

Since its cars are made in Thailand and the Mercedes-Benz X-Class was created in Madrid, the Nissan Navara, that functioned as the Mercedes-Benz X-Class' foundation is unaffected.

Earlier the same model had been recalled due to an oil leak issue.