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2023 Mazda CX-5 Gets  A Price Bump

Last year, Mazda went mainstream with all-wheel drives via Mazda CX-5 2022 lineup, which has now received an update with..

2023 MAZDA CX-5

The company has recently hiked its destination charges, resulting in an overall bump in prices.

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what are the  final prices 


For the entry-level S-trim, the prices will start at ...

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The price is excluding the destination charges, which will be in the range of $1,275 - $1,320.

Further, there shall be 7 more trims, with the costliest being: CX-5, 2.0 Turbo Signature @ $39,650.

Mazda is also offering the Rhodium White Premium coat for the first time in USA, which will also cost an extra $500.

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The specs of the beast remain unchanged with 2.5L, 4 cylinder engine &187-250 hp power output.