2024 Mini JCW Hatch spied!

2024 Mini JCW Hatch spied!

By Ritesh B

Although Mini has made big claims about its phased rollout lineup...

 ...it is still sticking with its present lineup for the time being.

Accompanying the future electric Mini, an upgraded version of the UKL1 architecture from the existing Mini Hatchback is anticipated to continue production.

The BMW 1 Model presently uses this architecture.

On the contrary side, an electrical Mini will be produced at a factory in Jiangsu as a result of a joint partnership among BMW and GWM.

This F56-generation Mini maintains its basic appearance.

Since this is the JCW, two large emission tubes are visible through the bumper.

It also has larger tires compared to the other models.

The new Mini has a 4 cylinder engine which produces 170kW and 320Nm.