A New Roush Mustang P-51B Spied In Silver

A New Roush Mustang P-51B Spied In Silver

Ford might be done with the sixth-gen Mustang but Roush is still going at full pace

Evo India/ Roush Mustang

Recently, a Roush Mustang P-51B is spied undisguised in shinning silver

what is roush


Roush is an American aftermarket tuning and crate engine company that mainly tunes Ford Mustangs and F-150 pick-ups

The P-51B is the new Roush model inspired by the P-51 World War II fighter jet

The P-51B teases wide body with badges and fender vents in shining silver

Its interior is reported to be covered with Tuscany leather

Most recent Roush-tuned engine was a supercharged V-8 engine delivering 757 horsepower

It is unclear whether Roush is planning to boost P-51B's power or not