Audi Sport Quattro: One of the most Beautiful cars of 1984

By Ritesh B

With its 4WD-pioneering Quattro, Audi has dominated rallies since 1981 and earned the title of King of the Hill..

Audi went back to the drawing board and produced Sport Quattro, an even more powerful competition vehicle.

Audi lowered its wheelbase by a whopping 32 centimeters to decrease weight and increase agility.

A large KKK turbocharger operating at 1.05 bar and 4 valves per cylinder increased its horsepower by more than 100.

The street car's great engine produced 306 horsepower.

It went from 0-60 mph in just 4.8 seconds!

The Audi Sport Quattro was the most powerful car in world rally history.

Audi simply stopped competing in rallies when Group B was eliminated at the end of 1986. That was the conclusion of the Quattro era.