BMW To Use Recycled Fishing Nets To Clean Oceans

BMW To Use Recycled Fishing Nets To Clean Oceans

Last year, BMW introduced a world where cars were made of 100% recyclable material

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Now BMW is going to use fishing nets and ropes in their 2025 models

Fishing Net/ Electrek

Although, BMW has used this process in making the floor mats of the X1 crossover and iX SUV

BMW X1 crossover/CNET

And now BMW will use the maritime waste in designing both interior and exterior elements

BMW iX/ Auto Express

To achieve this milestone, BMW is working with the Danish cleantech company Plastix

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BMW is not the first to adopt this concept, Jaguar has already started working on it

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By adopting this green concept, BMW is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions and carbon footprints

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As per a study, around 100 million pounds of fishing gear waste per year ends up in the oceans

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