by anushikha saxena 

China's Li Auto L9 Shows Good Skills On And Off The Road

Li Auto is a new contributor in the Chinese automotive market but  it is becoming very popular among the  rich  consumers

Li auto L9/

Li auto Inc. sells premium quality electric vehicles

The Li L9 is a full-size six-seater smart SUV

It is expected to give a good competition to BMW X7

Although it was not designed to work efficiently off-road, its evaluation says  that it will have good skills off-road as well

Li auto L9/

L9 is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and two electrical motors

Li auto L9/

It has 440 horsepower and a 44.5-kilowatt-hour battery $806.4 Million

The L9 can go up to 100-180 kilometers in 5.3 seconds

Li auto L9/ Topelectric SUV


The luxurious SUV is currently selling in its home market but it is expecting to raise $2 billion from the global market.