By parvathi warrier

Diesel Brothers Details That Every Fan Should Know!

Trucks are truly given away by them.

They have been accused of selling modified exhaust systems that increase the amount of black smoke.

They have been accused of being xenophobic

They got their own show once they made an appearance in Jay Leno's show.

They've done missionary work as part of their Mormon faith.

Pranking each other on the show is a favourite of the brothers.

The brothers are authors of a book on life and trucks 

The brand itself has seen extensive growth 

The brothers are actually owners of three companies.

While it may seem like all fun and games, the brothers and their crew actually work very hard on their trucks.

Their Patriot Tires are sourced from Taiwan

They have also created a truck powered by bio-diesel.

The brothers have been sued for environmental damage.

In true reality show form, the truck fire in the show was actually recreated on camera.

Heavy D claimed that he was taught to fake seizures