By anushikha saxena 

Getting A New Lucid EV Is Going To Be Really Hard Now

Automakers like Lucid and Rivian are suffering from a shortage of supply

Lucid air/Pinterest

Due to production delays, Lucid recently sought to raise $8 billion.

Many of the brilliant staff members of Lucid motors have left the company and they were in the main production arm

Peter Hochholdinger, Vice President of global manufacturing Lucid motors, and six other high-profile manufacturing executives have left the company

What was the reason behind leaving the company


Some said the VP was asked to leave while the others said that he left the company himself

Earlier, Lucid announced that they will release 20,000 vehicles by the end of 2022…

However, with the current situation, the brand has already reduced the target to half and it is expected to fall more.