Helmets To Be Made Compulsory For Two-Wheeler Pillion Riders In Mumbai

The Mumbai Traffic Police issued a notice requiring pillion riders on two-wheelers to wear helmets.

The rule goes into effect in 15 days, and violators will face penalties.

on June 9, 2022



 "The Mumbai traffic police today issued a notification making helmets mandatory for pillion riders as well and warned of action against those who violate the rule."

officials said

"The rule will come into effect after 15 days, following which the traffic authorities will start taking action against violators."

In addition

offenders will be fined RS.500 and their driving privileges will be suspended for three months.

Mumbai Traffic Police also said that most two-wheeler motorists do not wear helmets and violate traffic norms daily.

In a separate incident



According to the most recent updates to the Motor Vehicles Act,

improperly worn helmets by two-wheeler riders can result in fines of up to RS.2,000.

These fines can be imposed whether or not riders are wearing helmets

 and they include violations such as wearing helmets with the strap untied.


if the helmet lacks Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification or the ISI mark, they would be fined

According to Section 194D of the Motor Vehicles Act...

"whoever drives a motorcycle or causes or allows a motorcycle to be driven in contravention of the provisions of Section 129 or the rules or regulations made thereunder shall be punishable with a fine of one thousand rupees and he shall be disqualified for holding a licence for a period of three months." 



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