Holden Barina was seen at 162km/h, driver busted

By Ritesh B

Last Saturday, the Deniliquin State Troopers observed a 23-year-old motorist from South Australia driving his Holden Barina at illegal speeds. 

The car was caught going at a speed of 162 kmph.

The speed limit of the road was only 100kmph.

The driver was apprehended at Riverina Highway in the west.

He received a $2,547 traffic penalty.

He was also suspended from racing for six months in New South Wales.

The Holden Barina was licensed statewide, making it impossible to seize the car's licence plates.

In accordance with a statement on the NSW Officers Traffic website, the motorist allegedly informed state he was "running late for work."

The police also pointed out that there was a recent increase in such fast drivers.