How The BMW 507 Almost Bankrupted Its Maker

How The BMW 507 Almost Bankrupted Its Maker

The 1950s BMW 507 almost destroyed the Bavarian marque

Barry Ritholtz/ BMW 507

The 507 was intended for mass production however it never made it to success in the 1950s

The biggest irony is that today the BMW 507 is worth millions and is regarded as one of the best Roadsters by BMW



The 507 is a two-door convertible housed with an aluminum alloy OHV V8, 3.2-liter engine

The production skyrocketed its price and BMW lost its money with each 507 sold

However, removing financial aspects the BMW 507 later became one of the iconic automobiles ever produced

Most notably, Elvis Presley liked the 507 so much that he purchased two of them, one for his co-star

In 2020, a 1958 BMW 507 fetched $2.35 Million at an auction in Paris