Hyundai Launching Minature Models Of Its N Cars

By Ritesh B

Hyundai showcased two ideas and announced the Ioniq 5 N's production model.

The new miniature car is scheduled to launch in...


Throughout its Instagram feed, Hyundai N Global announced further information regarding its present N cars sold in the US.

It appears like Hyundai is releasing smaller versions of their N vehicles.

The Kona N and Elantra N are covered by the plastic N kits.

Hyundai's entrance product, the Venue, is now available in a wider range of SUVs.

Hyundai officially announced that it would no more build the Veloster N.

The Ioniq 6 chassis of the RN22e design has been modified for the racing. It's "a preview of a forthcoming EV N," according to Hyundai.