IndyCar Tires Made From AZ Desert Shrubs

IndyCar Tires Made From AZ Desert Shrubs

The impact of tyres on pollution is being closely examined by the EPA as well as other organisations.

The ecological alternative IndyCar driving tyre is on display from Bridgestone Tire.

It must be said that the procedure is a little more involved than with the typical rubber tree.

Both sides of the racetrack tyres are constructed of latex that was ecologically derived from guayule, a type of arid bush.

That relates to the rapid growth and management of a fresh supply of latex that may be cultivated and collected in arid, hot climates.

The Firehawk tyre from Bridgestone is the first guayule-made race tyre ever to compete in a racing event.

By exhibiting it in a driving competition like Indy, it raises awareness of Bridgestone's initiatives and instructs racing aficionados about them.

This also saves the shipping costs and importing costs of various organizations.

The goal of this initiative is to quickly and sustainably develop a new supply of latex.