Inside The Revolutionary Nissan 240Z:  Its History, Features And Specs

The hyped launch of new Nissan Z is creating many speculations about the come back of the original Datsun 240Z, which debuted in 1970. 

The History of  Datsun 240Z



In the early 1980s, Nissan was popularly known by the name "Datsun" & 280ZX of 1983 got a rear badge that read "Datsun 280ZX by Nissan."

Fairlady 2000

It was the first Datsun sports car influenced by British roadster.

The car's American heir, Datsun, modified it from a roadster to a coupe, to sell it.  

It was first developed as A550X Prototype with Yamaha, but it remained as a prototype only.

Fairlady Z

It was the new car Nissan was forced to work on when the Yamaha's project turned up as Toyota 200GT. 

Datsun 240Z, Features & Specs



The Japanese Car, Datsun 240Z was breathtaking as it look stunning with its reliable and inexpensive nature.

It was provided with 

Independent Suspension

& Rear-Wheel Drive.

Its produced

151 hp

from the Straight Six Engine.

Its Cost


Fairlady Z432

It's the 240Z version for Japan only with more powerful R380 engine that produced 160hp at 7500rpm 

the 240Z

Change in people's perspective towards Japanese car was because of 

The new Nissan Z's comeback is most likely going to take us back to the days glory and success. 

New Nissan Z