Bubble Car Messerschmitt KR200: All the cool features

By Ritesh B

The KR200 was a very popular car back in 1950s due to its unique design and aircraft themed body.

The KR200 has a centrally located driving seat and a canopy-style top that opens to one side.

A 191 cc (0.2 litre), two-stroke, single-cylinder engine made by Fichtel & Sachs powers the little vehicle.

Given the power, the peak speed of the KR200 is pretty astounding at 56 mph.

The car weighed merely 500 lbs!

The "Export" package for the KR200 ultimately became available.

As the German economy began to improve and the market for microcars started to decline, the KR200 was terminated in 1964.

Larger city vehicles like the Mini Cooper, Fiat 500, and BMW 700 also played a role in the extinction of the bubble car.