Maserati introducing 10-year extended warranty in Australia

By Ritesh B

Maserati is offering a new 10-year warranties program that increases the protection of motor parts in cars up to ten years.

The Extra10 Warranty Plan will be available in Australia - the project's price is still being determined.

As provided as the Maserati is within nine years and a half after the application deadline, the programme is open to "any consumers who possess any Maserati vehicle."

There is no distance restriction, whether prior to or after the insurance has been activated.

The normal three-year insurance will now be available as well as to the multiyear coverage.

A five-year factory warranties, which is quickly emerging as the new norm, has already been adopted by many premium automobiles like Alfa Romeo, Audi, and others.

The Italian carmaker advises you to verify with any Maserati retailer to see if the Extra10 Assurance Plan is applicable to your vehicle.

The program also includes a pick-up and delivery operation to your house, a waiting car, and other features that have been verified for other areas.

Maserati is not the only carmaker to provide a longer-than-five-year guarantee policy; companies like Audi also have similar services.