Bugatti Won't Build An SUV Or EV In The Next 10 Years

Earlier in July 2021, Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac said that they will release a full electric Bugatti soon...

however, in one of his recent interviews, he said that there will be no full electric Bugatti in the next 10 years

He also said that there will be no Bugatti SUV as well in this decade

Bugatti/motors .com

This has come as a shock because by the end of 2030 there will be a vast no. of  EVs in the market…

But Mate replied to this that Bugatti can’t be compared to what others are doing.

Why won’t there be an EV by bugatti


Mate Rimac said creating Bugatti-bodied Nevera is the easiest thing but he wants to keep the combustion engine living

He promised that Chiron's next model will have a very attractive combustion engine. He also mentioned that the model will be powered by a hybrid drivetrain