The Hacker Group Creates a Massive Traffic Jam in Russia!

Ritesh B

Hackers commandeered hundreds of cabs to the same destination in Moscow... 

....That too at the exact time after breaking into the Russian commute network operator Yandex Taxi.

Credits: The Verge

For almost 40 minutes, the nation's capital had a severe traffic bottleneck as a result.

Credits: The Verge

Yandex, a leading provider of computer technology in Russia, owns Yandex Taxi. It is the biggest taxi company in the nation.

On September 1, the tragedy happened on Moscow's main radial boulevard, Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

Credits: The Verge

So, why was the attack done?

The hacking may be interpreted as a response to Russia's ongoing, more than six-month conflict against Ukraine.

Yandex has not yet identified the perpetrators of the hack. 

Credits: The Verge

However, it was attributed to the cyber collective Anonymous.