Porsche Panamera Prototype Spied!

Porsche Panamera Prototype Spied!

By Ritesh B

Wheels with center locks are not frequently found in street-driven vehicles.

Centre lock tires are used by Porsche on the GT3 and Turbine S, two different 911 models.

But now in recent leaks centre lock wheels can be seen on a...

Porsche Panamera!

But why is it a big deal?

This means that the upcoming Porsche model will take stylistic inspiration from the electrical Taycan!

Porsche Panamera GT3 may compete with Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar to hold the record for the quickest sedans.

But it's also possible that this is a testing model being used to evaluate centre lock wheels for usage in a different version.

With Turbocharged S E-Hybrid specification, the latest Panamera potentially exceeds 700 hp.