Tesla Sitting On EV Credit Goldmine Worth Billions

Tesla Sitting On EV Credit Goldmine Worth Billions

In 2019, under Donald Trump's government California passed a Zero Emission Vehicle program

Tesla Model 3/ InsideEVs

This program mandates a certain percentage of a company's sales must include full-battery EV, hydrogen-fuel, or plug-in hybrids

Tesla Model Y/ InsideEVs

Companies who meet such criteria are awarded credits and those who don't are fined

Tesla Model X/ Tesla

And any company with excess credits may sell them to those in need

Tesla Roadster/ Tesla

Tesla has played this credit trading game very well and made a huge profit

Tesla Model Y/ The Verge

These electric car credits will become more valuable as California has passed a new Clean Cars II Act

Tesla Roadster/ InsideEVs

Tesla's finance statement revealed that the company has earned $2.1 million from credit sales in 2021

Tesla/ Omaze

At the end of six months of 2022, Tesla already has collected 2 million credits

Tesla Model S Plaid/ Youtube

California is seeking to ban ICE cars by 2035

Tesla Roadster/ Financial Times