Tesla Superchargers are no longer free!

Tesla Superchargers that recharge your Tesla vehicle far more quickly than if you had to put it in at your house.

One of Tesla's most alluring marketing features, was the company's unrestricted accessibility to Tesla Supercharger stations.

Until April 2017, anyone who purchased and took possession of a Tesla got the privilege of endless free recharging for their car at Tesla's countrywide supercharging stations.

A Tesla charger can recharge a pack from empty to 80% in under 30 minutes for roughly $0.25 per KW, however owners who have access to limitless free supercharging don't pay a dime for the facility.

The Covid-19 epidemic is directly related to Tesla's decision to discontinue the complimentary supercharging programme.

As the global economy deteriorated, so did Tesla's sales and manufacturing rates; as a consequence...

...Tesla was compelled to lower the beginning prices of numerous models and permanently discontinue the limitless supercharging benefit.

If you are the previous purchaser of your Tesla and you acquired it with the complimentary supercharging choice before to April 2017, the benefit should remain in effect as of right now.

Pre-2017 supercharging benefits are also purportedly entirely shareable, thus they should continue to be in effect even after being transferred to another party.