Toyota honours ‘drifting’ warranty claim after online backlash!

Toyota, the world's largest automaker, has reversed its decision to reject a damage claim from a US client.

As a result of exploiting his postings on social media against him, the corporation received criticism internet.

After Toyota saw a picture showing Blake Alvardo's GR86 "drifting" and making donuts, it decided to reject his complaint for a mechanical failure.

Nevertheless, after being covered by several US automobile magazines, Toyota decided to change its mind.

Alvardo's independent assessment of the powertrain revealed a production crisis created the breakdown....

....contradicting Toyota's contention that the photograph of him "drifting" in the vehicle was proof of abuse.

After disassembling the 2.4-liter gasoline engine from the Toyota GR86, Alvardo noticed the oil start picking up in the reservoir was clogged, which led to the engine seizing.

Toyota employs silicon as a cylinder lubricant, and Alvardo discovered that this silicon had spilled into the fuel, producing a clog and motor breakdown.

Hyundai seems to be the only automaker to let its basic service to include non-competition activities at racing circuits.