By anushikha saxena

Volvo Makes Music With XC60 Recharge To Target Younger Buyers

Volvo XC60 is an electric SUV with 455 horsepower and 523 lb-ft of torque

Volvo XC60/ht aUTO

Earlier Volvo used to target mature and grown-up audience.

However, its new advertisement claims that the company is looking to change it

Volvo XC60/Motor Trend

To gain the attention of youngsters, the automaker has joined hands with YouTuber Andrew Huang and musician Dresage

A video was released by Huang and Dresage on one of Volvo's campaigns in which they were making a unique tune by vehicle’s parts

How was the music created


The tune was created by the sounds of clicking indicators, sliding electric windows, slamming doors, and whirring power seats.

Moreover, Volvo XC60 was the company’s best selling defeating  XC40 and gaining youngster attention is becoming a new goal of every automaker

- Leigh Moynihan


We want to create a new piece for XC60 that could introduce new features of the car to our audience