why audi is not in f1?


Here is the reason why audi is not in f1 :

Despite being requested to assist the FIA on the development of the new regulations that will govern F1 beginning in 2014,...

Audi is just uninterested in the sport.

'There’s a very good reason why we are not in F1,' says Wolfgang Ullrich, Audi’s motorsport boss.

There’s no relevance to the road. Audi has always been engaged in motorsport that’s relevant to our customers such as rallying and touring cars

'This is why in 1999 we decided against F1. Instead we decided to take on the greatest race in the world. We went for Le Mans.'

'The Le Mans 24-hour may arguably be the world’s greatest car race (although the folks in Monaco may...

have something to say about that), but F1 is still undisputedly the best series.'

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