BY esmina martins

Why Do Modern Cars Look So Angry?

Why Do Modern Cars Look So Angry?

Cars today look completely different from the ones in the past and not just because of better tech.

Ford Raptor/Google

The front of the car is the first part that people look at when buying one and lately they tend to have what's dubbed as...

Dodge Challenger/Google


Gone are the old gentle curves and friendly front appearances now replaced with...

Jeep Cherokee/Google

Narrow headlights with downturned "eyes" and and grilles that resemble sharp teeth.


so why do they look like this


The front of the car is important to lay down the first impression...

Tesla Model 3/Google

So ultimately, the design of these cars is mostly to satisfy the customers.


And just like every trend, car designs change with the times!

2014 Mclaren P1/Google