Williams Advanced Engineering Reveals EV Hypercar Platform

Williams Advanced Engineering(WAE) is a UK-based engineering firm which is owned by an Australian mining giant

WAE/ GB Snowsports

WAE has revealed its advanced architecture for electric vehicles

WAE EVR/ Carbuzz

Dubbed EVR launched at the Low Carbon Vehicle Show in the UK

WAE EVR/ Car Expert

The EVR architecture is built on a composite lightweight chassis with an 85KWhr battery in the middle

WAE EVR/ Auto Blog

WAE claims that the EVR architecture can produce a power of 1650KW

WAE EVR/ Motorionline

And the vehicle on this platform can touch 100 kmph in less than 2 seconds!

WAE EVR/ The West Australian

It also comes with a "battery optimised" management system

WAE EVR/ Car Expert

Although it is in development, the architecture is confirmed for use in Dues Automobiles upcoming Vayanne EV Hypercar

Dues Vayanne/ Autocar

According to WAE, an EVR-based prototype will be ready in the next 12 months

WAE EVR/ Motor Authority