Project Ulysses: Australia’s Leap Towards Sustainable Aviation

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Project Ulysses Australia's Leap Towards Sustainable Aviation

Project Ulysses spearheads Australia’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) industry, a monumental endeavor led by Jet Zero Australia and backed by industry titans like Qantas, Airbus, and Idemitsu.

SAF presents a promising solution for zero-emission aviation, offering superior energy density compared to batteries and liquid hydrogen. However, the scarcity and high cost of SAF globally necessitate domestic production, prompting initiatives like Project Ulysses.

Project Ulysses Australia's Leap Towards Sustainable Aviation

This flagship project aims to produce 102 million liters of SAF and 11 million liters of renewable diesel annually using Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ) technology. Located in the Townsville State Development Area (SDA) in North Queensland, the facility will convert bioethanol from agricultural byproducts into sustainable fuels.

Having completed a successful feasibility study and secured AUD $29 million in funding, Project Ulysses marks a significant milestone in Australia’s journey towards sustainable aviation.

The involvement of Idemitsu underscores the global impact of SAF production efforts, aligning with international initiatives to transition towards cleaner aviation fuels.

As Australia strengthens its SAF supply chain, the aviation industry inches closer to achieving sustainable air travel, mitigating environmental impact while supporting economic growth.


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