US Visa Restrictions Target Air Charters Amid Migration Concerns

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In a bid to address irregular migration into the United States, the US Department of State announced visa restrictions targeting executives of air charter companies facilitating such activities, particularly those profiting from vulnerable migrants.

The restrictions are aimed at transportation operators charging exorbitant fees for illegal migration into the United States, labeling such practices as “predatory.” The policy, known as the Nicaragua 3C policy, seeks to deter companies from offering flights that endanger migrants and exploit their desperation.

Implemented in November 2023 and expanded in February 2024, the policy underscores the US government’s commitment to combating illegal migration while emphasizing the availability of lawful pathways for immigration.

The Department of State plans to engage with governments and the private sector to eliminate harmful migration practices, emphasizing consequences for those violating immigration laws.

It underscores the financial burden associated with deportation and highlights the need for lawful immigration channels to ensure public safety and regulatory compliance.


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