Crisalion and Kookiejar: Pioneering Sustainable Air Mobility Solutions

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Crisalion and Kookiejar
Crisalion and Kookiejar

The field of emission-free air travel is quickly changing, driven by advancements in aircraft design, infrastructure, and regulations. Crisalion and Kookiejar are among the pioneering companies working to accelerate this transformation, offering sustainable flight options.

A recent collaboration in the global AAM industry involves a partnership between a Spanish aircraft manufacturer and a Swedish infrastructure company. They aim to expedite vertiport development and integrate the Crisalion electric and unmanned aircraft, known as Integrity, into upcoming operations.

Crisalion and Kookiejar
Crisalion and Kookiejar (Credit: Crisalion Mobility)

Kookiejar introduces a modular vertiport concept inspired by efficiency and space optimization, akin to IKEA’s approach. This democratizes vertiport access and supports the expansion of AAM networks, emphasizing modularity and affordability.

The Integrity eVTOL combines comfort, short-range capabilities, and advanced flight controls facilitated by Tecnalia’s FlyFree technology. With a cruising speed of up to 180 kph (112 mph) and a range of 100 km (62 miles), it caters to various operations, including passenger commutes, medical transportation, and cargo delivery.

Crisalion Mobility, a Spanish AAM trailblazer, offers a comprehensive mobility ecosystem beyond aircraft, including autonomous ground vehicles. Recognized by CDTI Innovacion, Crisalion received funding to further its innovative pursuits and partnered with Bluenest by Globalvia for international AAM projects spanning Europe and Latin America.

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