Boeing in Hot Seat Over Safety Concerns Raised by Engineer

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Boeing CEO Steps Down Addressing Aerospace Challenges
Boeing CEO Steps Down Addressing Aerospace Challenges

A Boeing engineer named Sam Salehpour is raising serious red flags about the safety of Boeing airplanes. He says he’s worried that Boeing isn’t taking these concerns seriously, and that he’s even been threatened for speaking up!

Salehpour is a quality engineer, which means he’s supposed to make sure Boeing planes are built correctly. He says he found problems during the manufacturing process for both the 787 and 777 models. According to Salehpour, some parts of the airplanes didn’t fit together properly, and Boeing’s solution was to basically force them together – which he says could damage the planes and make them less safe in the long run.

BBJ Select (Credits: Boeing)

Salehpour tried to tell his managers about these problems, but he says they ignored him. He even says one manager told him to stay quiet and not document the issues! When Salehpour kept pushing the issue, he says he was transferred to a different program within Boeing, and that he even received threats from a supervisor.

Salehpour says he wants Boeing to be successful, but that they need to prioritize safety. He’s still working at Boeing because of whistleblower protection laws, but he says this whole experience has been very concerning.

Boeing, on the other hand, says Salehpour’s claims are wrong. The company says they have a long history of safety, and that both the 787 and 777 have flown millions of passengers safely.

This is a serious situation, and only time will tell who is right. One thing is for sure – airplane safety is the top priority, and any concerns need to be investigated thoroughly.

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