Gulfstream Delivers G700: Setting New Standards in Business Aviation

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Gulfstream Delivers G700
Gulfstream Delivers G700

Gulfstream has commenced customer deliveries of its recently certified Gulfstream G700 aircraft, marking a significant milestone for the company. The first two G700s have been delivered to customers and introduced into service, signaling the beginning of a new era in ultra-long-range business aviation.

Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream, expressed excitement for customers to experience the unparalleled capabilities of the G700 as deliveries expand worldwide. The certification by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in late March paved the way for Gulfstream to initiate deliveries, with the G700 being the largest and fastest aircraft in the Gulfstream fleet.

Gulfstream Delivers G700
Gulfstream Delivers G700 (Credit: Georgiphoto/Shutterstock)

During the certification process, Gulfstream maintained steady production of G700s, with approximately fifty aircraft nearing completion. This production readiness enables Gulfstream to meet delivery demands swiftly, with projections indicating 50 deliveries in 2024 and a total of 160 aircraft by year-end.

The G700’s entry into service represents a new pinnacle in ultra-long-range business aviation, boasting unmatched range, speed, and cabin amenities. With a range of 7,750 nautical miles and top speeds exceeding Mach 0.9, the G700 sets new standards for performance and comfort in its class.

Featuring a spacious and luxurious cabin equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, the G700 offers an unparalleled travel experience for discerning passengers. Gulfstream’s commitment to excellence and innovation shines through in every aspect of the G700, reaffirming its position as a leader in business aviation.


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