Embraer’s Q1 2024: Executive Aviation Thrives

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Embraer's Q1 2024
Embraer's Q1 2024

Embraer announced its latest backlog and delivery figures for the first quarter of 2024 on April 19. This includes deliveries and orders across its executive aviation, commercial aviation, and defense and special missions divisions.

The company delivered a total of 25 jets in the first quarter, marking a 67% increase from the previous year and the highest first-quarter delivery in eight years. The surge in deliveries was primarily driven by Embraer’s executive aviation sector, which saw a substantial increase in demand for light and medium-sized business jets.

Embraer's Q1 2024
Embraer’s Q1 2024 (Credit: BlueBarronPhoto/Shutterstock.com)

In the executive aviation branch, Embraer delivered 18 business jets, representing an 83% increase in light business jets and a threefold increase in medium-sized business jets compared to the previous year. Additionally, the company reported a backlog of over $4.6 billion in private aircraft orders, indicating sustained demand in this segment.

While commercial deliveries remained stable year-over-year, Embraer reported a significant increase in its commercial backlog, fueled by a new deal with American Airlines for 90 E175 aircraft.

However, the company’s defense and security segment experienced a slight decrease in backlog, attributed to the absence of defense aircraft deliveries in 2024. Despite these fluctuations, Embraer remains optimistic about its prospects, with a continued focus on enhancing safety and quality across its business segments.


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