USDOT Mandates Transparency: Airlines’ Junk Fee Disclosure

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DOT Mandates Transparency
DOT Mandates Transparency

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has introduced a new rule requiring airlines and agents to disclose all additional fees, known as “junk fees,” to passengers when booking flights. These fees include charges for services such as baggage checks and reservation changes or cancellations.

The rule aims to promote transparency and fairness in the airline industry by ensuring that passengers are fully informed about the total cost of their tickets upfront. Carriers and agents must clearly and prominently display all extra service fees at the time of booking, preventing surprises and allowing passengers to make more informed decisions.

DOT Mandates Transparency
USDOT Mandates Transparency (Credit: Frontier Airlines)

Additionally, airlines are obligated to provide detailed information about baggage and reservation policies, including any restrictions or requirements. The DOT’s rule also mandates that third-party companies maintain accurate and up-to-date information on behalf of airlines.

By implementing these measures, the DOT hopes to empower passengers with greater transparency and protect them from unexpected costs, ultimately fostering a more competitive and consumer-friendly airline market.


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