Eviation’s Alice: Pioneering Electric Aircraft Design and Innovation

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Eviation's Alice
Eviation's Alice

Despite technological advancements, aircraft generally maintain traditional shapes, yet one electric flying machine named Alice stood out for its innovative design. Alice, developed by Eviation, a startup based in the U.S. with Israeli origins, aims to create aesthetically pleasing electric airplanes with advanced technology.

Alice accommodates only nine passengers besides the cockpit crew or cargo. Its maximum takeoff mass in cargo configuration reaches over 8,300 kg. Powered by magniX electrical power units, capable of delivering up to 934 horsepower each, Alice can reach speeds of 481 kph with a range of 467 km, making it ideal for short trips.

However, it was Alice’s design that garnered the most attention. Crafted with 95 percent composite materials, its unique cabin shape, tapering from front to rear, resembled a horizontal teardrop or a sleek missile transporting humans.

Eviation's Alice
Eviation’s Alice (Credit: Eviation)

Introduced as a static model in 2019, Alice underwent significant design changes with each new update. The most recent change occurred during the completion of the conceptual design review in collaboration with TLG Aerospace. While maintaining some signature elements, such as propeller placement on the rear tail, the new design differs significantly from the original.

The redesign aimed to optimize production costs, parts count, and cabin space. Additional modifications, like integrating energy storage systems above the wings, were made to aid certification.

Despite the visual overhaul, the interest in Alice remains high, with orders totaling $5 billion from carriers like Cape Air, Evia Aero, and Aerus. The aircraft is expected to take flight next year, with market rollout details yet to be disclosed.


By Rajdeep Singh

Rajdeep (New Delhi) sparks electric vehicle enthusiasm with engaging content, empowering everyone to join the EV revolution.

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