Omaha Airport Damaged by Tornado, But Passengers Are Safe

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Eppy Airfield, Omaha Airport (Credits: Lamp Rynearson)

A tornado touched down at Omaha Airport on Friday, causing damage to some buildings on the east side of the airport. Luckily, the main terminal where passengers wait for flights wasn’t hurt at all.

The storm hit around 5 pm and forced everyone at the airport to take shelter until it passed. The airport closed for about an hour while crews checked the damage. No one was hurt, but some flights are delayed because crews need more time to see what repairs need to be done.

People on a few airplanes even saw the tornado from their windows!

Omaha Airport Shuts Down After Tornado Touchdown In City Nebraska (Credits: Times Now)

Even though some flights are delayed, there haven’t been any cancellations so far. This information can change though, so it’s always a good idea to check with your airline before you head to the airport.

Eppley Airfield, also known as Omaha Airport, is the biggest airport in Nebraska. It serves millions of people each year and has flights going to many different cities across the country. The airport opened in 1925 and is located in a cool spot – right on the border between Nebraska and Iowa!

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