Lumpy Landing in LA! Scary Touchdown Turns Out to Be Training Session

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Lufthansa Boeing 747 (Credits: Fly Away Simulation)

A video of a super bumpy landing at LAX went viral with over a million views! People were worried, but luckily it turned out to be a big misunderstanding.

The plane in the video was a giant Lufthansa Boeing 747 coming in from Frankfurt. The landing looked awful – the plane bounced hard on the runway and then took off again. This is called a “balked landing” and it happens sometimes.

But here’s the key thing: This was a training flight! There were real passengers on board (hundreds of them!), but a pilot-in-training was the one landing the plane. That explains the rough landing.

Scary Image Shows Lufthansa Boeing 747 Bounce Hard Off Twice During Aborted Landing

Nobody got hurt, and after circling around for a bit, the plane landed safely the second time.

Lufthansa said the plane is perfectly fine after the landing. Even though hard landings can sometimes damage planes, this one was built tough and came through without a scratch. This incident is a good reminder that airplanes are incredibly strong machines.

Some people online are saying that news reports made it seem like the plane itself was faulty, but that’s not true. It was pilot error during training. While Boeing has faced criticism lately, it seems many passengers still feel safe flying on their planes.


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