Taking Off in Style: Top Spots for Private Planes

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Expensive private jet (Credits: Robb Report)

Private jets are taking off in popularity, especially since the pandemic. People who can afford it are finding it more convenient than commercial airlines, especially with all the restrictions. This has led to a jump in the number of private jets in operation around the world.

The United States is the undisputed champion of private jets, with nearly 15,000 soaring through its skies! That’s about two-thirds of all private jets worldwide. This makes sense, considering the US has a lot of wealthy business people, athletes, and celebrities, and the country itself is quite vast. Many US private jets are long-range aircraft, perfect for traveling between far-flung cities. Texas and Houston are the top spots for private jet ownership in the US.

Private jets cruising above the mountains (Credits: Robb Report)

Brazil comes in second place for private jets, with over 775. This South American country is also geographically large, making private jets an attractive option. Plus, Brazil is home to Embraer, one of the world’s biggest private jet makers. Embraer is doing a booming business, with a backlog of orders and a growing number of first-time private jet buyers.

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