IndiGo Spreads Its Wings: Airline Orders New Planes for Long Flights

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Indigo has beaten Air India (Credits: discover.mallatmillenia)

Budget airline IndiGo, the biggest carrier in India, just placed a big order for airplanes! This is a big change for IndiGo, which has mostly focused on shorter domestic flights. IndiGo just ordered 30 Airbus A350-900 airplanes. These planes are bigger than the ones IndiGo usually flies, and they’re perfect for long trips overseas. IndiGo says they want to use these planes to connect big Indian cities to other places around the world.

There have been rumors for a while that IndiGo was going to order bigger planes. They’ve even been renting some bigger planes from other airlines to try things out. This new order makes it official! IndiGo already has a lot of Airbus planes, and this new order keeps that trend going. They’re ordering the Airbus A350, which is known for being fuel-efficient.

Bahrain is now on Indigo’s Map

The new planes won’t arrive until 2027, and IndiGo hasn’t decided exactly how many seats they’ll put on each plane yet. This move by IndiGo is likely a response to Air India, another Indian airline, which is also expanding its long-haul flights. It will be interesting to see how these two airlines compete in the future!

This is a big move for IndiGo and a sign of things to come for air travel in India.


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